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"Okama ( Okama , English: Okama ) is a term that refers to homosexual men, feminine men, and transgender in Japan. There are various opinions as to whether the term is a derogatory term."

""Okama" is a slang word from the Edo period originally meaning an anus [1], it refers to a male prostitute who dresses up as woman as part of the service while having sex with the customer (digging). From the 1980s it also became a slang (derogatory name) for feminine men in general (including non-homosexual). [3] In the Edo period, this was also refered to as "break the kettle". "おかま

"① 「かま」「かまど」の美化語。


③ (御釜)尻の異称。→御釜を掘る


⑤ 火山の噴火口、または火口湖。蔵王山のものが有名。→五色沼"


"① A polite version of "sickle" or "stove".

② (see also: 3) Homosexual. Also people attracted to homosexuals. A common nickname for men who aren't masculine, feminine men, and gay men. It is commonly used in a degoratory meaning.

③ Another term for anus. Also "to break the anus" (anal sex).

④ Another name for a ladyboy.

⑤ A volcanic crater or crater lake. The one of Mt. Zao is very famous."

Anglicized Sources

| Slang/Okama. Gay Dictionary (Japan)>

(TW: uncensored slurs including "f*got")

"The literal translation of Okama is cauldron and in Japanese slang means fagot, but as has happened in the rest of the planet the use of word Okama has been standardized acquiring a neutral meaning in addition to derogatory. The word Onabe, which also means pot, used to call lesbians and the word Okoge, which literally means burnt rice that sticks to the bottom of the pot, that it’s used to appoint heterosexual women to whom they likes hanging out with gays, what in English is a fag hag. Okama, Onabe[AS 1] and Okoge[AS 2], three words to think a bit.
Apparently this word was first used in this sense in the Edo period (XVII) or even earlier. [...] In Portugal the word Pandelerio (person who makes or sells pots) is used to insult gays and Holland people used the words Pot (pot) and Poot (paw) to insult lesbians and gays respectively. It may be that Pandeleiro traveled from Portugal to Japan, appearing the slang Okama, which in Japan has extensived the use of lesbians with Onabe and with Okoge for fag hags, and finaly travel to Netherlands appearing the slang Pot and by extension the word Poot for the gay people.
Some think that the relationship is on the resemblance of the shape of the pot and the ass. If we think in the Portuguese slang Pandeleiro, the person who works with ass (because he works making or selling pots) and that bottom of pot in use is hot[...]"
  1. おなべ
  2. おこげ - see Okoge (film)

Okama in One Piece

(see also Emporio Ivankov)

"Okama is a Japanese slang term for transvestite or homosexual. The first okama to appear in the story is Bentham, also known as "Mr. 2 Bon Kurei", who first appeared as an enemy to the Straw Hat Pirates, but ended up being friends with them.[1] The Kamabakka Kingdom is the Okama kingdom, (which Sanji was sent to) and even other animals on the island are shown to be okama.[2] The ruler of the Kamabakka Kingdom is Emporio Ivankov.[3] In the FUNimation subs they are known as Queers."

尾田 栄一郎 (Oda Eiichirō) on whether he is an Okama:

|One Piece Wiki:/SBS Volume 44/Chapter 422, Page 66>

D: "YOU ARE AN OKAMA, RIGHT?" (From Anonymous)

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