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Aries is the cardinal (leading) sign of the Zodiac.

It represents pure Yang Energy and is motivated by action to bring change.

In physics, it is the beginning of many processes, including the creation of every universe.

Sun Sign

March 21-April 20 are roughly the dates in which Aries natives are born. Which particular section or `decanate' will determine the `flavour' of Aries the native is.

ARIES – ARIES March 21-March 30 – 1st ARIES Decan

The most Aries-like of all Aries. The new-born baby of the zodiac[1] (see Aries Decans for full details)

"Mars is both the ruler and Subruler, accentuating the personality with extra force and impact. Being a dominant person sometimes being too aggressive. Mars, in double influence, shapes almost all ARIES-Aries Decan into highly energized pistols of raw drive. I’ll bet they don’t sleep much. All that MARS-Mars and the behavior of an ARIES-Aries is usually a mixture of lively and highly measured responses. Capable of swinging quickly from spontaneity to thoughtfulness, ARIES-Aries belong in positions of authority, with projects that are actually more like missions in their own terminology."

ARIES – LEO March 31-April 9 – 2nd ARIES Decan

"ARIES-Leo Decan is mellowed by the golden glow of the sun, the planet that influences Leo. The Sun in this decan gives the ARIES-Leo a mark of nobility; a sense of pride that stands them apart from the rest of the ARIES decans. The Sun here indicates a great fondness for change. ARIES-Leo is never content to take things as they come. ARIES-Leo who remain balanced and relaxed and who keep their energy freely flowing are certainly individuals to be admired. ARIES-Leo have an ardent and excitable love nature, they seek pleasure out of life."

ARIES – SAGITTARIUS April 10-April 20 – 3rd ARIES Decan

"No question, aggressive as any ARIES must be, but flexible to an extent that no other ARIES can be. Jupiter is usually seen as the planet of expansion. ARIES-Sagittarius life is simply a treasure trove of possibilities to be explored. The expansion qualities of Jupiter combine with the ARIES MARS that gives them a wide or lofty outlook, a love of ambitious ideas and of travel. ARIES-Sagittarius resents restriction of any kind and prize their personal freedom. For an ARIES-Sagittarius, the perfect life is to be successful doing something creative, where they are in charge and call all the shots."

Famous Arians

Zach Braff - Aries sun, Aquarius moon, Cancer-rising.

Aries Sun

Aries Moon

Aries Rising

Aries Mars

Other Aries Placements

Jupiter Sign/Eastern Zodiac Sign

In the 12-year cycle of Eastern Astrology, the first sign is the Year of the Rat which some say aligns with the traits of Sagittarius, however here we note the similarities to the Solar zodiac of Aries:

  • Enterprising and energetic - able to act quickly to seize new insights
  • Constantly in "ready mode" like a small animal on the run from a pack of carnivore.
  • The Ram, while very strong and even deadly at times, is in fact a herbivore.
  • The Rat, while omnivorous[2], is less bold and daring than a Ram, but still wins the race against all the other creatures through cunning and willpower.

Full Zodiac

Considering Aries as analogous to the Rat, implies that the other correspondences become:

East. Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Goat Monkey Rooster Dog Pig

The Jup. here standing for "approximate Jupiter sign", which actually shifts over the centuries since Jupiter's orbit period is actually 11.86 years, meaning that every 12 years Jupiter has moved forward another +1.18% of it's total orbit(0.14/11.86). Hence after eighty-four 12 year periods(1008 years), Jupiter returns to it's initial synchronicity with the 12 year phase, but after fourty-two 12 year periods(504 years) Jupiter is precisely out of sync with this cycle(Rat = Libra, Dragon = Aquarius, etc.).

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Aries are built of a paradoxical combination of both a superiority and an inferiority complex (as a friend recently worded it).

We are simultaneously the most confident and most insecure people you will ever meet. Our father sign (Leo) is similar, but is far more certain of himself at heart, although needed constant reassurance.

Aries is all fire and no burn. Leo is the long-burning flame of the stars.

Aries is frantic energy, racing to its goal. Scared that if he ever stops, he'll lose his place and fall back to square one. Aries is anxiety on hyperdrive, but burning it up as fast as it comes through action.

In Greek MythologyΦρίξος_και_Έλλη

"Σύμφωνα με την ελληνική μυθολογία ο Φρίξος και η Έλλη ήταν παιδιά του Αθάμαντα, βασιλιά του Ορχομενού Βοιωτίας, και της Ωκεανίδας Νεφέλης.
Ο μύθος
Αργότερα ο Αθάμας έλαβε σύζυγο την Ινώ, θυγατέρα του Κάδμου, από την οποία απέκτησε δύο ακόμη παιδιά, τους Λέαρχο και Μελικέρτη.
Από ζήλια για τα τέκνα της Νεφέλης η Ινώ κατέστρωσε ένα ασυνήθιστο σχέδιο: έπεισε τις γυναίκες της πόλης να ψήσουν τους σπόρους σιταριού που προορίζονταν για σπορά, ώστε να μην φυτρώσουν. Ο Αθάμας έστειλε απεσταλμένους στο μαντείο των Δελφών, για να αποκαλυφθεί η αιτία της σιτοδείας. Η Ινώ τους έπεισε κατά την επιστροφή τους με δωροδοκία να δώσουν διαφορετική απάντηση από του μαντείου στον Αθάμαντα και να πουν πως η σιτοδεία θα σταματήσει εάν ο Φρίξος θυσιαστεί στον βωμό του Δία.
Έτσι ο Αθάμας αναγκάστηκε να διατάξει την τέλεση προετοιμασιών για τη θυσία και ο Φρίξος (μαζί με την αδελφή του, σύμφωνα με παραλλαγές του μύθου) οδηγήθηκε στον βωμό. Η Νεφέλη που από μακριά έμαθε τα συμβάντα, έστειλε το Χρυσόμαλλο Κριό, δώρο του Ερμή, για να μεταφέρει τα παιδιά στην ράχη του, μακριά από την Βοιωτία.
Κατά την πορεία διαφυγής τους, καθώς πετούσαν επάνω από την θάλασσα, η Έλλη δεν μπόρεσε να κρατηθεί στην ράχη του Κριού κι έπεσε στο πέλαγος, που από τότε ονομάσθηκε Ελλήσποντος. Την Έλλη πήρε κοντά του ο Ποσειδώνας. Ο Φρίξος συνέχισε την πορεία του και ο Κριός τον έφερε στην Κολχίδα, όπου ο βασιλιάς Αιήτης τον δέχθηκε πρόθυμα και του έδωσε ως σύζυγο τη θυγατέρα του, Χαλκιόπη.
Έπειτα, ο Φρίξος θυσίασε το χρυσόμαλλο κριό στον βωμό του Δία και δώρισε το δέρμα του (δέρας) στον Αιήτη. Εκείνος το αφιέρωσε στον Άρη και το κρέμασε από μια δρυ, στο ιερό δάσος του θεού. Προς φύλαξή του τέθηκε ένας μεγάλος δράκος, ο οποίος δεν κοιμόταν. Το χρυσόμαλλο δέρας ήταν αργότερα ο στόχος της Αργοναυτικής Εκστρατείας."
(According to Greek mythology , Frixos and Elli were the children of Athamanta , king of Orchomenos Viotia, and Oceanian Nefelis .
  • Legend
Later Athamas received a wife, Inos , daughter of Cadmus , from whom he had two more children, the Leader and Melikerti .
Out of jealousy for Nefeli's children, Ino made an unusual plan: he persuaded the city's women to roast wheat seeds for sowing so they did not sprout. Athamas sent envoys to the Delphi oracle to reveal the cause of the wheat. Ino persuaded them when they returned with bribe to give a different answer from the oracle to Athamanta and to say that the wheat would cease if Frixos were sacrificed on the altar of Zeus.
So Athamas was forced to order preparations for the sacrifice, and Frixos (along with his sister, according to variants of the myth) was led to the altar. Nefeli, who learned the events, sent Chrisomallo Krios, Mercury's gift , to bring the children to his back, away from Boeotia.
In the course of their escape, as they were flying over the sea, Elli could not keep on the back of Aries and fell into the sea, which had since been named Hellespont . Elly took Neptune near him . Frixos continued his journey, and Aries brought him to Kolchida , where King Aettis greeted him willingly and gave him his wife Halkiopi as his wife.
Then Frixos sacrificed the golden ram to the altar of Zeus and donated his skin to fleeing Azetis. He dedicated it to Mars and hung it from an oak tree in the sacred forest of God. A great dragon , who did not sleep, stood guarding him. The golden fleece was later the target of the Argonautic Campaign .)