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Cultural Psychology is the study of how psychological and behavioral tendencies are rooted in and embodied in culture. The main tenet of cultural psychology is that mind and culture are inseparable and mutually constitutive, meaning that people are shaped by their culture and their culture is also shaped by them.

Essentially a culture is like a super-organism of humans, much like how a colony of ants can behave as a highly organised and intelligent whole, despite the low intelligence of the individual organisms.

Just like plants adapt to the seasons and animals adapt to longer term patterns, a culture will be a product of the environment it is conceived in. Hence, Cultural Astrology is essential to understanding the psychology of a culture.

Cultural Astrology

Main article: Cultural AstrologySimilar to a person, whose neuroplasticity steadily decays with age, a culture is able to undergo many intense changes to its collective psyche in its early stages, but then becomes more and more entrenched with time. However, since the time scale is much longer for the life of a culture, the importance of the "exact moment" of its birth is diminished compared to a human brain being wired from the moment the baby's brain exits the protection of the mother's womb.

A culture is best thought of on a longer time-scale, but the positions of the planets at particularly critical moments in the development of the culture will still reveal a lot about the culture's collective psyche.



Taking the July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence as the critical "birth chart" for the USA, shows the American people to be culturally a Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon and (disputed) Sagittarius Rising.

The Cancer energy reflects their reactionary beginnings, as a revolt against British colonial rule.

The revolution and declaration of independence meant that Britain had nowhere to send convicts from its over-crowded jails. This led to the colonalisation of Australia [Ex 1].


Taking the Federation of the 6 separate colonies into one Commonwealth as the "birth" of the national culture[Ex 2] gives a date of January 1st, 1901 for the "birth chart" of Australia, with a time of 1:31pm and location in Melbourne.

This shows that the sun was in Capricorn, the moon was in Taurus and the ascendant was in Aries.

Being a solar Capricorn reflects the Australian self-image of being hard-workers, not wanting to take any shortcuts to our eventual success. Being a Lunar Taurus reflects our desire for a strong and steady economy and a connection to the land. Lastly, being an Aries ascendant reflects our youthful and sometimes naive approach to foreign affairs, we head in gung-ho with great pride and confidence (evident in the tragic waste of Australian lives in the failed WWI campaign at Gallipoli 14 years later).

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  2. The dominant culture today of course being that of the colonisers, with indigenous genocide and cultural oppression still ongoing since the first invasion in 1778