K-Waves A Blueprint for Investors




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"Since the collapse of the Berlin Wall, many progressive economists in both academia and on Wall Street have recognized the brilliant insight of Soviet Economist Nikolai Kondratiev ( pronounced “Kon-DRA-tee-eff”), and accordingly there have been many reports, articles, theses and books written on the subject of this “cyclical” phenomenon.  An influential essay, written by Professor W. Thompson of Indiana University, has indicated that K-Waves have influenced world technological development since the 900s. His thesis states that “modern” economic development commenced in approximately 930 A.D. (during the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of  928) in the Sung province of China, and he propounds that since this date there have been 18 K-Waves since, lasting on average 60 years."[1]

"What most mundane astrologers continue to overlook is that the K-Wave is a 60-year cycle (+/- a year or so)  coincides closely with Jupiter-Saturn Synodic Cycle, composed of four 15-year internal phase cycles that are characterized as seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter:

• Spring phase: A new factor of production, good economic times, rising inflation.

• Summer phase: Hubristic ‘peak’ war followed by societal doubts and double-digit inflation.

• Autumn phase: The financial fix of inflation leads to a credit boom which creates a false plateau of prosperity that ends in a speculative bubble.

• Winter phase: Excess capacity worked off by massive debt repudiation, commodity deflation and economic depression. A ‘trough’ war breaks psychology of doom and gloom."[1]

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WilliamStickEvers://Jupiter-Saturn Synodic Cycle and the Kondratiev Wave>

Barbault Planetary Cyclic Index

"The Barbault Planetary Cyclic Index (graph [in link]) is the sum of all the angular distances between the pairs of the outer planets, from Jupiter through Pluto. The Cyclic Index has proven to be one of the most accurate predictive tools for mundane astrologers for determining global economic and political stability.

During the Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment in April [of 2014], the Barbault Planetary Cycle Index began its long steady decline halfway through the Kondratiev winter K-Wave that commenced in the year 2007.  The Barbault Cyclic Index will continue to decline until it reaches its baseline trough in 2020 – 2022, during the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, indicating that we are heading into dangerous and perilous period. In all probability we will likely see an acceleration and intensification of economic contraction that will move the nation from a “recession” to a “depression” phase in the second half of 2015 (during the waning of Jupiter-Saturn square) that will last until approximately 2020-2022."[1]


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