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"Litecoin was born out of the ashes of failure – or, more specifically, the ashes of Fairbrix. A clone coin (and a fork of Tenebrix), Fairbrix was plagued with problems that led to its swift downfall. A premine period put seven million coins in the hands of a developer before launch; a software bug saw the genesis block fail to mint coins. Fairbrix left the cryptocurrency community clamouring for a Bitcoin substitute that the average Joe could mine on his hardware. And engineer Charles Lee decided to give them just that."

"Lee wasn’t happy with the state of mining. At launch, Bitcoin was fair – anyone could mine with a CPU, and profit. GPU mining emerged, and it became a little more difficult, but the divide still wasn’t too great – until ASICs arrived.

ASICs are specially engineered hardware, designed to do one thing, and do it well – and it blew CPUs and GPUs away in terms of efficiency. Now, the average hobbyist could only dream of making a profit – if you didn’t have multiple ASICs, you didn’t have a chance. [...] 

Scrypt – the algorithm that Litecoin and its deceased brothers chose – aimed to even the great divide between ASIC owners and the average miner. It did this by forcing the use of a specific part of the CPU (and GPU), called the scratchpad."

"First, a comparison: Bitcoin uses Sha-256d. Sha-256d only needs computing power – this means that, given enough computing power, you can calculate ‘rounds’ of Sha-256d very quickly.

Scrypt, on the other hand, uses computing power and memory. This is because it generates a large amount of pseudo-random data, storing it in the scratchpad, and referencing the data in a random way. The scratchpad is a fixed amount of space that lives in your CPU or GPU, independent of things like ‘VRAM’ and actual machine ‘RAM’. You can’t add to it, and it fills up fast. At launch, this made it impractical – if not impossible – to run on specific hardware like FPGA or ASICs. A very specific machine with a large scratchpad size would need to be made for Scrypt mining." 

"Birth Time"

Genesis Block - (2011-10-07 07:31:05) Location: probably San Francisco California, Headquarters of Coinbase where the Litecoin creator was working (

But, the genesis block wasn't really the launch (

"Litecoin will come with 150 premined coins: just the genesis block and the first 2 blocks to confirm the genesis is valid.  We believe a coin needs to be released in a fair manner.  Having one person (or a group) control a large amount of coins that can be used as they see fit is against the decentralized vision of Bitcoin.  Yes, it is true that without a stash of premined coins, we will not be able to afford to pay for bounties, but we believe people will see the virtue of this coin, invest in it as early adopters, and will be willing to spend time creating services to make this coin better."

But then the fourth block wasn't mined until 13 October, while all sites say it was released on the 7th...[1] so it seems a bit odd. Even the third block (block 2: 50 LTC reward) was mined on the 12th of October. Looking back, there were comments about how slow the hashrate seemed[2], but this goes against the idea of a 7th October release date and 150 premined coins. I think that the best "birth time" is just the genesis block time.

The actual timestamp of the block was "1317972665" which apparently translates to 07:31:05 in GMT+0 and 00:31:05 in GMT-7[3].


1712 Litecoin Natal Chart.PNG

Litecoin was 'born' with the mining of its Genesis block at 00:31 on the 7th of October, 2011 in San Francisco, California. This moment corresponds to an astrological signature of Libra sun (H4), Aquarius moon (H8) and Cancer-rising. Within its Pluto in Capricorn generation (H6), Litecoin was born during the Chinese Year of the Rabbit (Metal) and with its lunar North Node in Sagittarius (H5).

As a Libra sun born during the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, Litecoin is described by as a 'Butterfly':

"Those born under the sign of the Butterfly are sweet, sensitive, caring, and generous. They have a deep affection for friends and family that almost matches their deep affection for nice things! Butterflies enjoy having nice homes, clothes, cars, and other luxuries. They have great taste in art and fashion and don’t like to leave home without looking good. This is an exceptionally easy-going sign whose struggles in life are almost entirely internal. Just as they care about their physical appearance, Butterflies are careful about what impression they give off socially.

Butterflies do not engage in conflict of any kind. They are quick to walk away from uncomfortable situations and while they are exceptionally sympathetic listeners, they cannot deal with true suffering or misery. Tense or upsetting events will push a Butterfly away quicker than anything else. Though they might not understand why, members of this sign gravitate toward peace and serenity in all situations. [...]

Butterflies weigh every situation out carefully. They won’t make a move until they have measured all the possibilities. At the same time, this is a sign that longs for excitement and adventure. Butterflies constantly fluctuate between longing for a life of simple comforts and a life of unexpected mystery and passion. Despite seeming care-free members of this sign often secretly wish that life was more like the movies, which is part of the reason that they are suckers for an epic adventure or love story."

Mars in Leo (H1), Venus in Libra (H4), Mercury in Libra (H4), Lilith in Aries (H10), Chiron in Pisces (H8), Ceres in Pisces (H9).

Major Aspects

MC conjunct Lilith, Mercury conjunct Saturn, Moon trine Mercury, Moon trine Saturn, Venus trine Neptune, Mars bi-quintile Pluto, Sun sextile Mars, Sun square Jupiter, Asc square Mercury, Jupiter trine Pluto, Lilith square Pluto, MC square Pluto.