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Neurodivergence is the state of being neurologically divergent, having a neuroarchitecture that is non-traditional and non-normalised in the society one occupies.

Opposite to neuroconvergence.

Autistic Neurology

| People With Autism No Two Brains Are Alike New Study Reveals>

(TW: clinical neuronormativity, "typical person", reference to autism as a 'disorder')

""Overall, the control brain scans looked pretty much the same as each other."
But when they compared the brains of people with ASD [Autism Spectrum Divergence], they couldn’t find any similarities between them in terms of where functional connectivity would be typically high, and where connectivity would be low. In fact, they say it’s not even really about the weakness and strength of the connections, but rather the topology of the neural networks - so, how they’re arranged.
The team suggests that the fact that no two ASD brains they studied were the same could be a core characteristic of high-functioning ASD. They couldn’t even split the brains up into sub-groups because the way the networks were arranged was so idiosyncratic and individualised, but note that an analysis of far larger data sets could eventually uncover clustering of similar characteristics and connectivity patterns."
""From a young age, the average, typical person's brain networks get moulded by intensive interaction with people and the mutual environmental factors,” says Hahamy in the press release. "Such shared experiences could tend to make the synchronisation patterns in the control group's resting brains more similar to each other. It is possible that in ASD, as interactions with the environment are disrupted, each one develops a more uniquely individualistic brain organisation pattern.""


Neurodivergence is the state of a brain which has taken a non-trivial development pathway, leading to stark differences in the internal neurology of the neurodivergent person, relative to others within the same society and culture. This is in opposition to neuroconvergence, which is the state of brains which operate in a convergent manner on a social level.

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