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Neuroqueer is both an identity and an ethos, an adjective and a verb. It's meanings are varied, but all converge around an intersection of neurodivergent theory and queer theory.

In the same ways that queer theory is opposed to cisheteronormativity, neuroqueer theory appears to oppose neuronormativity (the societal forces that privilege neurotypicality over neurodivergence).


|Neurocosmopolitanism:/Walker2015/Neuroqueer: An Introduction>

"So what were we getting at? What is neuroqueer (or neuroqueerness, or neuroqueering)?
I should first of all acknowledge that any effort to establish an “authoritative” definition of neuroqueer is in some sense inherently doomed and ridiculous, simply because the sort of people who identify as neuroqueer and engage in neuroqueering tend to be the sort of people who delight in subverting definitions, concepts, and anything “authoritative.”
That said, the definition that follows is as close to an “authoritative” definition of neuroqueer (and neuroqueerness, and neuroqueering) as is ever likely to exist. I wrote it with the input and approval of the other three originators of the concept. "
"Neuroqueer is both a verb and an adjective. As a verb, it refers to a broad range of interrelated practices. As an adjective it describes things that are associated with those practices or that result from those practices: neuroqueer theory, neuroqueer perspectives, neuroqueer narratives, neuroqueer literature, neuroqueer art, neuroqueer culture, neuroqueer community."
"So what does it mean to neuroqueer, as a verb? What are the various practices that fall within the definition of neuroqueering?"
  1. "Being neurodivergent and approaching one’s neurodivergence as a form of queerness [...]
  2. Being both neurodivergent and queer [...]
  3. Being neurodivergent and actively choosing to embody and express one’s neurodivergence [...]
  4. Engaging in the “queering” of one’s own neurocognitive processes [...]
  5. Engaging in practices intended to “undo” one’s cultural conditioning toward conformity and compliance with dominant norms [...]
  6. [...]"


| Failure Integrating Clowning> ('Neuro-clowning' as being playful with your neurology, to destabilise the presumptions of neuronormativity that seriousness is crucial and social 'failure' is shameful)

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