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Note: Everything expressed in this wiki is simply my opinion. In the case of mental health issues my opinion is far from "expert" but my belief is that the experts of mental health are too influenced by out-dated and government-sanctioned theories of psychology to actually address the common factor linking all mental illnesses: late-stage capitalist society. My opinions are biased away from established medical descriptions of all these so-called "disorders" and directed at finding spiritual healing for the common pains we all experience of being born into this confusing, pain-filled world.

Neurotypical (NT) is a term popular in the Autism Spectrum community to describe non-Autistic people and their brains, short for 'neurologically typical', whereas people on the Austism Spectrum (AS) are referred to as 'neurodiverse'.

It helps avoid the use of phrases like 'normal people' or 'non-Autistic people' which tend to imply that Autism is a dysfunction rather than a different way of processing information, with it's own set of challenges and benefits.

The term is also used outside of the context of Autism to distinguish people without ADHD or dyslexia and other 'neurodiversities'.

I like the term, but recognise that it attempts to embrace a 'spectrum' view of brain functioning but then creates its own binary: neurotypical and neurodiverse. It seems our culture is very stuck in binary thinking no matter how far we come. All personalities are diverse and we all exist on a great many spectra of traits and characteristics.

(see also Neuroconvergence)


| and introduction to a little known condition> - flipping the script in a wonderful way on non-autistic neurologies (Allism)

"Allism is a debilitating neurological condition which adversely affects emotional stability, sensory perception, self-awareness, attention, and many other areas of mental function. It is a developmental abnormality, arising from congenital neurological defects that affect infantile mental development."

Understanding your neurotypical partner - Tips for Aspies in relationships with NT's.

Understanding Non-Autistic Thought Processes - Help for understanding how NT's minds generally work, from an Aspie point of view.

Why Johnny Doesn't Flap - NT is OK - A book helping see NT people from an autistic child's perspective.

Why Johnny Doesn't Flap - YouTube Review

Understanding Neurotypicality (Satire)

A Pathological Look At Neurotypical Behaviour Part 1 - excellent list of referenced differences, viewed through a lens in which Allistic behaviours are seen as pathological, rather than Autistic ones.

|YouTube://The Myth of “Normal” / Mýtus "normálnosti" (Dr. Gabor Maté)>